Metamatic has carried out many great projects with fantastic partners and customers.

Talented Solutions

Working together with Talented Network, Metamatic made the world perhaps a little bit better place by helping a major Finnish health care service provider update their public web portal.

NSD Consulting

Metamatic has done awesome business with NSD creating clever software for smart customers!


Metamatic implemented a new mobile version for Atao Umbrella platform. Umbrella is a management communications software that inevitably enhances any corporate image.


Metamatic has implemented successful pilot projects through EWork with the latest JavaScript and HTML5 technologies.


Metamatic has done successful digitalisation with Symbio, from music education to roulette gaming business.

Expak Systems

Metamatic helped Expak Systems develop their fancy Supply Chain Management tool.

Columbia Road

Metamatic was very pleased to work with Columbia Road guys to create lots of value for a quite significant cornerstone of the Finnish economy.